Support for Microsoft XP and Office 2003 has finally come to and end

Microsoft’s support of the Windows XP operating system and Office 2003 suite of programs has now come to an end. If you have a computer which accesses the internet running either of these pieces of software you should look to upgrade ASAP.

Why should I upgrade?

You will no longer be provided with security updates, hot-fixes or any other updates. These updates which are sent out usually happen via the Automatic Updates feature. This will no longer happen. It doesn’t take a computer security expert to tell you, that the number of exploits and malicious code that will be released by hackers everywhere post 8th April 2014 will increase dramatically… and you will be their target. There is no reason to take that risk.

So my computer will just stop working?

No. Your computer will continue to work with Windows XP installed. Your computer will just be at risk of being exploited by hackers due to the fact that any newly found security holes will not be patched by Microsoft.

But I have a virus scanner installed.. isn’t that enough?

No. Virus updates and definitions will still come through for what ever virus scanner you are using. However security flaws that require updates to the operating system will not be taken care of.

I am not really sure if I have XP or not.

If your start menu and task bar look like the image below, then you have XP. The desktop wallpaper by default on XP was the cloudy hills as pictured.

Winxp support ended

Ok, so how do I get this fixed up?

Contact Kerry on 0490 083 207 . Kerry’s Computers are a local Ipswich computer repair business who will be able to take a look at your current computer and advise whether your machine will be fast enough to handle putting on Windows 7 or Windows 8. More than likely you will need to upgrade to a newer computer.

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